Natural Neurotropics the New and Safe Smart Drug

If you are considering a neurotropic for your lifestyle, Qualia Mind is one of the only Neurotropics I can recommend after trying and considering many on the market today. The top three reason I recommend this particular source is because of their commitment to quality sourcing and manufacturing, their approach to the body as having innate intelligence, and their third party testing that prove their product works. Here I’ll explain what Neurotropics are, why they can be important and helpful, and whether you’re a candidate to use a neurotropic in your lifestyle.
Neurotropics, sometimes called smart drugs, are compounds that enhance brain function. They’re becoming a popular way to give your mind an extra boost, especially the natural ones that aren’t coming from Big Pharma. Enhancing cognition and memory has been a boost to our culture recently, especially since the the dawn of the information age. There is so much to consider, how can we navigate with our little brains? And how do we navigate the market place with confidence?
With the race to save human civilization becoming more pressing, many people are looking for solutions to the world that seems to grow darker each day. The mind is a useful tool, but our minds have been bogged down by many influences having to do with nutritional deficiencies, unfavorable circumstances, lack of education, and imbalances in our relationships. So, given those reasons many of us need a mental boost to our focus on important tasks and duties.

Here are some reasons you would consider taking a neurotropic like Qualia Mind (I recommend Caffeine free if you have anxiety):

  • You want to replace coffee, energy drinks, or conventional drugs with a healthy alternative.
  • Your work is mentally demanding, and a mental boost would help your work performance, hence, your ability to be a positive contributor.
  • You are experiencing brain fog due to another undying cause and need something to help you function temporarily.
  • You have adrenal fatigue and need a boost to your performance in all areas of your life.
  • You simply want to be smarter and a better human contributing to society as a whole.
  • You want to improve your emotional health and connection to your emotional body.
  • You want to improve sexual and physical performance.
If any of these apply to you, you may want to consider taking Qualia Mind. I personally recommend the caffeine free version if you struggle with anxiety or adrenal fatigue. Some do benefit from a small dose of caffeine, but for those who are more sensitive, take it easy.
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Here’s the breakdown of my experience:
Day 1. Regular dose. Headache and a little energy boost.
Day 2. 2/3rds dose. Energy boost and mental clarity. No headache.
Day 3. 2/3rds Dose. Energy boost and mental clarity. No headache.
Day 4. 2/3rds Dose. Energy boost and mental clarity. No headache. Physical performance increase.
Day 5. 2/3rds Dose. Energy boost and mental clarity. No headache. Physical performance increase.
2 days off
2nd Week Review
During the second week I noticed some of the same benefits, but I also noticed I didn’t need to take as much to get a similar effect, yet some days I would take more. The top recommended dose is 10 per day. I could get by taking 4 in the morning, and 3 in the afternoon for a solid, productive day. 3 of these before a late afternoon exercise at the gym would boost my focus on my performance significantly.
On a side note: For those looking for a little extra kick in the bedroom, this ain’t no pretendica.
3rd Week On Review
After the first couple weeks of using Qualia Mind, I began to find a healthy balance or medium with how much of a dose I would take each day. The days I would cycle off Qualia would be days I would do intermittent fasting and more CBD oil for deeper relaxation and meditations. Keep in mind that herbs and mind stimulants can be detrimental to some, and beneficial to others. Not everyone will get the same results, and if it works for you, then you found yourself a great companion that you can recommend to others.
If you’d like to place an order for some, you can get $10-$20 off by using this COUPON CODE: m4kgqne67w