In a world with such seeming chaos going about and many opinions on what in the hell is going on, there really is a lighter side to things. Though you see upheavals in the news, on your Facebook feed, and amongst your friends and family, there’s a lighter side to things. Though it’s more people than ever wondering where their next paycheck is coming from, how they’re going to feed their family, and what to do about it, there’s a lighter side to things. Though you may be wondering what that LIGHTer side is, there is still a lighter side to things. 

This lighter side is within you. It is not just hope. It is not merely a survival instinct. Beyond the intellect, hopes and survival instincts, our thoughts and fantasies about the way we think life should be, we are all endowed with the power of Knowledge. We all have a greater spiritual power in the world, and it’s expressed in the world uniquely by each individual IF we can find it. Some are apart from it. Some more tuned in. Our own inner knowledge and strength gives us the power to deal with circumstances and to follow a deeper need and mystery of our lives. Knowing this, or reclaiming this aspect to oneself is a process, and we are all undergoing this process or running away from it. 

Really, it is a return to God.

You have this power within you. Yes. You. It’s time to access it. To flip that switch to ON! No more listlessness, complaining, expecting things to be awakened for you. This is YOU!

Many call it the awakening in higher consciousness, a return to personal integrity, the shift, quickening, lifting of the veil… And for some, it’s the end of days (perhaps calendar days hehe). It’s not the end of days. Perhaps you’re feeling this shift, and perhaps you’ve felt it for a long time. 

“I know,” which is considered to be the key phrase for the age of Aquarius is becoming more embodied, and perhaps a must for the future that will be unlike the past. “I believe,” which is considered to be the key phrase for the Age of Pisces is sure on its way out. 

Belief has stricken humanity time and time again.

It is said it is the great folly of man. It’s still out there, and even though belief can be damaging to a person’s life and the world, there is a LIGHTer side to things. 

You see, the light sheds truth where there is ignorance. It brings forth what must be unveiled, not by option, but by the nature of things. The light always wins against darkness, so whatever is hiding will no longer as time goes by, as we forge ahead hyper speed into the future facing a New World. 

What humanity faces today is so crazy to think about it can blow your mind. Many people are already feeling the anxiety about our collective circumstances, and perhaps feeling the weight of our situation. There’s urgency, and need of individuals to rise up to the occasion.

Here’s 3 things to consider for the #wokefolk : 

  • Our isolation in the Universe is over. We are not alone in the universe, and we are not alone here on earth.
  • Runaway Climate change and environmental degradation is one of our biggest challenges. 
  • The world is shifting into a global community, and whether it will be sustainable is undetermined. 

Amidst those 3, there is so much fear it can become porn and conspiracy “mind candy” to those who cannot get over trying to figure it out. 

That’s right, you’re not the only one that got sucked into the rabbit hole.

Don’t beat yourself up for it, the important part is, get out! Unless absolutely it’s your life’s purpose (whose life purpose?), jump out of that hole and rut. Why? 

Because we need you! 

The world is our space ship in a Universe with a billion trillion worlds. Not like our own. We cannot just go and find some other planet to live on, like the universe is just ours for the picking. 

Earth is our home. We are the rightful inhabitants. We are the stewards and the natives here. Maybe we’re destroying it, but that’s just because we’re immature.

It’s time to grow up. 

Now, growing up is not just taking care of more responsibilities. It’s seeing beyond the personal mind and scanning the landscape. It’s considering things you’ve never considered. It’s waking up everyday and realizing that this Universe is so huge and there’s 7 billion people here and we know very, very little! 

And don’t you ever wonder what’s out there? I do. I have since I was a small child. It’s natural to wonder, because we are inquisitive beings. And perhaps our wondering has always lead us to explore beyond the boundaries of our minds, our homes, our lands, and some day… Mars or even other solar systems. 

The lighter side to all this chaos is to realize we’re living in such amazing times, though challenging, we’re witnessing the biggest events in human history. 

So buckle up and hang on, we’re in for a great ride! Are you going to stand on the sidelines? Or are you going to join us as we race to save civilization? 

If you’re joining us, which you should because you’re a decent human being, then there’s one more thing I recommend checking out. 

Look into the New Message from God. If you made it this far in this writing, there’s a reason you’re hearing about the New Message. It has come at just the right time, and you are one of the first recipients to receive it. Will you listen?