Hello! I’m David…

My journey in life has led me to many experiences of which I intend to share in order for others to learn on their path to greater planetary wellness and for a greener, sustainable earth and people. Firstly, I am both a student and a teacher of many things, however, health and spirituality has been my focus. In my early twenties I began an awakening process that led me to seek my greater purpose for being here and began to heal my body with many modalities. For instance, there is a process for unburdening one’s conditioning and or illnesses, moreover, there is a preparation of which I am still in process of going through and delight in sharing with others.

Where it began…

In short, this began for me by following the C.H.E.K. Institute Holistic principles, and using an infrared sauna. Both were life changing for me to say the least. Secondly, I am no special person, but a “super ordinary” individual that is looking for meaningful engagements in the world, therefore, to share important subjects that will heal and enlighten others and ultimately the planet is my goal.  Furthermore, I am not an expert, a messenger, or a spiritual guru. I am not a doctor or a psychic healer. In the simplest terms, I am what I practice, and what I have practiced in life has given me wisdom and strength in arenas which may be beneficial to you and has been beneficial to many whom I’ve crossed paths with. I have years of studying and practicing qigong, meditation and many styles of exercise, consequently I am in tune with the wisdom of my own body.

My Focus

My Focus is on the mission of keeping knowledge alive in the world. What I share here and what I am committed to with you is of the highest integrity possible that honors your personal freedom and your need to know or inner knowing. My intention is to only provide value in both scientific fact and truth of matters on every topic I choose to blog about, and never to undermine your integrity or twist something to take advantage based on any special interests. 

The journey begins now. Are you on the path? 

“Greater health leads to greater responsibility, and that is in finding and fulfilling one’s greater purpose for being here.”

My Approach & Values

In the days where everyone wants credentials and the best expert they can find, I stray away from expertise. When it comes to life, we all have a unique approach in that not one size or assessment fits all. My strength lies in my ability to help others discover what they already know or have a need to know so they can accomplish what they know they must with strength and certainty. I value your personal freedom and seek only to enlighten you to get out of your own way, or mine. I believe that individuals operate with either a need for knowledge, or as a demonstration of knowledge. The need to know so often is around purpose, and why you are here, but also in the marketplace and around the essential needs of life. I have noticed that finding clarity around purpose and direction in life, then focus on greater health may become natural and not forced. To sum it up, if you have a need in your health or work pillars I may be of help to you. With years of experience in the marketplace, manufacturing, and consulting, I can help you navigate the marketing hype. There is also a lot to learn about on my blog, so please read and share, comment or save it for later.

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My Experience

  • Awaken Whole Life Center – Exercise and Wellness Coach
  • Synergy Science – Health Product Development
  • Clearlight Infrared – Wellness and Product Consultant 

My Education

  • C.H.E.K. EC & HLC chekinstitute.com
  • Pranic Healing – South FL
  • Taichi Qigong Assistant Instructor 

Contact Me

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Boulder, CO