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 My journey in life has led me to many experiences of which I intend to share in order for others to learn on their path to greater planetary wellness and for a clean, regenerative earth and people. Firstly, I am both a student and a teacher of many things. Health and spirituality are my strengths. In my early twenties I began a mysterious awakening process that led me to seek my greater purpose for being here and began to heal my body and mind with two key practices. Both practices are preparations for living in the new world and involve unburdening and a gradual emergence. That emergence is now beginning in me and many others around the world. 

Where it began… In short, this began for me by waking up to the reality of the conditions of the world. In my late teens, I experienced a health crisis and soon found my way to following 6 Key Holistic principles and also began a spiritual practice. Both were life changing for me to say the least. Through my practice I have learned that I am just a “super ordinary” individual that is looking for meaningful engagements in the world that will heal and enlighten because I have been fortunate enough to experience healing and regeneration myself.

A Piece of What I bring… Though I am not an expert, a messenger, or a guru, I am a teacher of movement and health. Some of what I have practiced in life has given me wisdom and strength in areas which may be beneficial to you and has been beneficial to many. I have over 500 hours of studying and practicing Taichi Qigong, Yoga, Kung Fu, Mobility, Dance, Gymnastics, and other movement practices from several great teachers and Education from the C.H.E.K. Institute which continues today. Consequently, my practice has advanced me to a point to be able to teach others and share what has improved my health and performance from my own independent studies. 

My Focus and Mission

Looking into the world as it is today and into the future without fear, I see a world I have never seen before. Firstly, my mission in this world is tied to the future and dedicated to maintaining freedom and the regeneration of Earth and our people. Secondly, my mission here is to give to the world in every way possible with the gifts I carry within me. This involves participating in an evolutionary, and revolutionary way while maintaining a high degree of personal integrity, freedom, health and vitality. 

As a student and teacher of health and vitality, my focus is to participate in life wholly, body mind and spirit. The health I speak of is vitality and engagement. 

As a student and teacher of freedom, my focus is to protect and defend freedom in daily life. The freedom I speak of is a freedom to seek, discover, and fulfill one’s greater mission for being in the world.

And as a student and teacher of Knowledge, my focus is to demonstrate my inner knowledge and preserve the many ways of knowledge in the world without corruption. The Knowledge I speak of here is the spiritual intelligence within all sentient beings, and the many pathways that have been given to the world from the Angels of Evolution through man.

Though my part in it all is small, I believe everyone’s true purpose in the world is pivotal to our current success and future progress, therefore, it is my goal to speak the truth and lead with my innermost integrity in all of my relationships. Finally, my mission is to continue each day seeking, finding, and fulling the purpose which brought me here to the people of Earth.

The journey begins.

“Greater responsibility for one’s life leads to greater health, which leads to greater respect and honor in relationships.”


My Approach & Values

In the days where everyone wants credentials and the best expert they can find, I stray away from experts. There are no masters living in the world, but there are some skilled students. Participating in life, we all have a unique approach in that not one size or assessment fits all. If you come into relationship with me, my intention is to help you on your path and provide you with tools to improve the quality of your life. I value your personal freedom and seek only to enlighten you to get out of your own way, or mine. I believe that individuals operate with either a need for knowledge, or as a demonstration of knowledge. In most of my interactions as a teacher, students thrive when they are empowered to take their next step. People who come to me with a need to know are often looking for advice in life and movement. And with experience in the marketplace, manufacturing, and product consulting, I can also help you navigate the marketing hype to choose effective and clean products for an environmentally healthy lifestyle. There is also a lot to learn about on my blog, so please read and share, comment or save it for later.

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Recent Experience

  • Awaken Whole Life Center – Exercise and Wellness Coach
  • Synergy Science – Health Product Development
  • Clearlight Infrared – Wellness and Product Consultant

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